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Mailman Patch #760567 moderation request message content


This patch makes per-list configurable the inclusion of the body of messages that require moderation in the request messages sent to list moderators.

The objectives of this patch are similar to those of MM patch #593674 but a simpler implementation has been adopted by #760567.

An additional list attribute is used, which can be set or unset to control inclusion of the moderated message's body.


This patch is applicable to Mailman 2.1.2 and later.

Necessary Precursors


Changes Made

This adds a list attribute, moderate_inc_body, which can be set or unset via the web admin GUI, and which controls whether the moderated message body is included in the moderator request.

The additional list attribute has made an increment in the data file version number necessary, so that existing lists are updated on demand.

An additional MM configuration variable DEFAULT_MODERATE_INC_BODY controls the initial value for the list attribute. Initial default is to include the moderated message body in line with the current operation of MM 2.1.x. This can be overridden in mm_cfg.py

Applying the patch

Apply the patch from within the Mailman build directory using the command:

    patch -p1 < path-to-patch-file

Download Patch File

MM Version Download
2.1.12 Download
2.1.11 Download
2.1.10 Download
2.1.9 Download
2.1.8 Download
Uses the same patch as MM 2.1.7
2.1.7 Download
2.1.6 Download
2.1.4 Download
2.1.3 Download
2.1.2 Download

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