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Mailman Patch #728836 Corrects HTML template defects


This patch corrects some defects in some of the HTML templates.


This patch is applicable to Mailman 2.1.2 only.

Necessary Precursors


Changes Made

The following are changed by the patch

Templates of two languages (pl and pt)

removed extraneous P tags from inside UL

Support for Polish and Portuguese Portuguese languages was introduced in MM 2.1.2. Unfortunately, the errors in these languages' templates were introduced as the self-same errors were corrected in MM 2.1.2 for other languages by the incorporation of the patch #661138 into the release.

Applying the patch

Apply the patch from within the Mailman build directory using the command:

    patch -p1 < path-to-patch-file

Download Patch File

MM Version Download
2.1.3 and later. Patch incorporated into Mailman source and no longer required.
2.1.2 Download

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