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Mailman Patch #668685: Corrects an error in SystemExit exception handling by $prefix/script/driver


The code in the $prefix/scripts/driver script concedes that it is valid for a script it is supervising to exit using sys.exit rather than just returning from the main function.

However, if the script being supervised does use sys.exit, the driver script fails to pass on the output generated by the supervised script.

In the case of cgi scripts this means that an internal server error is reported by the http server because no output has been returned. And finding the reason for this is tedious!


The changes made by this patch have been incorporated into Mailman 2.1.2 and thus it is not required for that and later releases.

This patch is applicable to Mailman 2.1 final and 2.1.1

Necessary Precursors


Changes Made

The $prefix/scripts/driver is modified to properly handle output from the supervised script if is uses sys.exit to finish processing.

Applying the patch

Apply the patch from within the Mailman build directory using the command:

    patch -p1 < path-to-patch-file

Download Patch File

MM Version Download
2.1.2 and later Patch incorporated into Mailman source and no longer required.
2.1.1 (actually the same patch as for MM 2.1) Download
2.1 final Download

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