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Mailman Patch #644810: Sendmail mailer in Python

Warning: This patch is no longer being supported

This patch is no longer being supported. I am now using an MTA module in conjunction with a cron script to maintain sendmail alias databases. This has proved to be less work than getting/keeping the mailer working with sendmail on various operating systems.


This patch provide a Python implementation (with C wrapper) of a Sendmail mailer, if Sendmail is your MTA of choice, which removes the necessity of maintaining an aliases database on your Mailman server. All subject to a bunch of conditions most prominent of which is that the server has to be pretty much dedicated to MM.

This patch draws on an original contribution by David Champion <dgc at uchicago.edu> which is included in the contrib directory of the Mailman 2.1b distribution as mm-handler. I believe the same contrib continues to be distributed unchanged through MM 2.1.1 release.

See the README.SENDMAIL.mailer installed by this patch for differences between this and David's Perl original and more information of what you are getting into if you use this patch.


Versions of this patch are avaliable for Mailman version 2.0.13, 2.1 final and later.

Necessary Precursors

The following patch must first be applied:

  1. Mailman Patch #644797

Changes Made

Adds the a new mail handling script and its associated C wrapper.

Applying the patch

Apply the patch from within the Mailman build directory using the command:

    patch -p1 < path-to-patch-file

Download Patch File

MM Version Download
2.1.4 Uses the same patch as MM 2.1.3
2.1.3 Download
2.1.2 Download
2.1.1 Uses the same patch as MM 2.1
2.1 final Download
2.0.13 Download

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